Skylight Replacement or Repair

Skylight Repair
Dallas Area and North Texas

If you have a skylight in a home built before 1998, you are probably thinking about leaks. If you’re not, you should be. Skylights take a lot of abuse, and whether yours leaks or not is completely dependent upon the quality of the skylight itself, and then upon the skill and knowledge of the installer who put it in originally. A few cut corners can mean a pile of headaches for you in your home. We get calls to help homeowners in situations just like this every day.

Skylight Replacement in Dallas, Fort Worth and the North Texas area usually involves a skylight that is mounted to a wooden curb. At Skylight Solutions, we routinely repair or replace skylights for homeowners without disturbing either the roof flashing or what’s known as the “skylight well”. The most critical element in the process is to get the measurements of the curb right. Skylight Solutions offers a couple of options for curb mount replacement:

Velux Fixed Curb Mount Skylight

With a 10-year hail proof guarantee,  a clear view to the outdoors, and 2 layers of tempered lo-e3 glass with argon gas fill, this Velux Skylight is a great choice. It’s also available in white laminated glass. Velux also offers manual or solar powered blind options to filter or block the light. Velux Curb Mount Replacements with tempered glass range from $350.00 to $800.00 + tax installed.

Acrylic Skylights

Skylight Solutions only offers Acrylic Skylights made with commercial grade extruded aluminum frames & welded joints. Every dome is inspected for quality and guaranteed for 5 years. We stock double dome skylights in white over clear and bronze over clear. Special order sizes and acrylic options are available within a week. Double Dome Acrylic Curb Mount Replacements range from $275.00 to $575.00 + tax installed.

If your skylight is not curb mounted, it is self-flashed or pan flashed. The acrylic version can usually be replaced without disturbing the flashing. The measurement needed is the top of the skylight cap. Glass self-flashed or deck mount skylights usually need to be replaced. We bid these per job.

If your skylight is leaking and it does not have a crack or a hole in it, the flashing is probably leaking where your skylight ties into the roof. The only way to properly fix this is to remove the shingles around the skylight, wrap the curb with ice and water shield and then re-flash the skylight and re-shingle the roof. Prices start at $350.00 + tax.

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